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clipsmm is a C++ interface and library for CLIPS. CLIPS is an environment for creating rule-based and/or object-based expert systems. clipsmm extends the CLIPS C API in several ways:
  • CLIPS Environments are encapsulated in an Environment object as are many of the other CLIPS concepts such as templates (fact templates, not C++ templates), rules, etc.
  • Making external functions available to the CLIPS inference engine are simplified using sigc++ slots. This also:
    • Provides the benefit of compiler type checks on external functions.
    • Makes it simple to not only make external functions available, but also external methods of C++ classes.

CLIPS requirements
You will need CLIPS version 6.24 or higher. However, if you are using any version less than 6.30 you will need to have a patched version that includes the function context patch. This patch can be found on the files page in the clips-extras section.
CLIPS for Linux users
I have created a slightly modified branch of the CLIPS code that provides support for Linux and autotools. You can find tarball releases on the <a href=">files page in the clips section. You can also find a GIT repository of the changes in the clips directory here:
clipsmm Sourceforge Project Page
The clipsmm sourceforge project page can be found here:

Download clipsmm rpms or get the source code
clipsmm is available in Fedora 5 and higher.
Fedora package description
  • clipsmm - Libraries needed to run applications
  • clipsmm-devel - Headers and libraries for developing applications with clipsmm
  • clipsmm-doc - Developer's documentation including devhelp docs
Source Code
Releases - (.bz2, .gz, .zip) can be found here
Subversion Repository

Dependencies... and where to get them
clips: Glibmm: sigc++:

Documentation, Tutorials, Guides, Quick Start, et. al.
API Reference
The API documentation (including the pages you are reading now) have been generated with Doxygen.
The built documentation also includes a devhelp index. The index is installed automatically in the clipsmm-doc RPM and can be browsed simply by starting devhelp.
The most current documentation for clipsmm is available online here:
Key sections within the API reference

Mailing Lists
  • Users List (for those using clipsmm in their applications)
  • Development List (for discussion related to the development of clipsmm itself)
    • Archives
    • <a href="

Sourceforge Forums
Although mailing lists are preferred, the sourceforge forums are available for discussion as well.
  • Help forum (for those using clipsmm in their applications)
  • Developers forum (for discussion related to the development of clipsmm itself)

View reported bugs in the bug tracker
Submit a bug report here

Patches are always welcome!!!
View submitted patches
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Feature Requests
Submit feature requests here

clipsmm is released under the GPLv3

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